The Video For The Weeknd’s ‘The Birds (Part 1)’ Is Quite Black Swan-y


About Thursday, the latest free, downloadable offering from 21 year-old Toronto-based R&B crooner, Abel Tesfay — aka The Weeknd — Consequence of Sound wrote: “(It) plays a bit like a Bret Easton Ellis novel reads, giving off a feeling that’s somewhere between hopelessness and apathy. Dealing with essentially the same ideas that appeared on their previous album (drug-abuse, jarring lust, lack of conscience, etc.), Thursday almost dares your dark side to indulge in its beautiful bleakness in an ‘I can’t believe you’re enjoying this, you twisted bastard’ sort of way.”

Having given Thursday a couple of good listens on a plane over the weekend, I can say unequivocally that I concur 100% — despite the fact that I think Bret Easton Ellis is a staggering douche. Hop aboard this bandwagon while it’s still sparsely populated. Dude’s going to be huge.You can also download The Weeknd’s debut offering, House of Balloons, for free here.

Embedded above, via Stereogum, is the Black Swan-esque video for “The Birds (Part One)” starring Akiko Mims as the dancer. Enjoy.

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