Tinashe Wants To F*ck And Run On New Single ‘Company’

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Tinashe has returned with another new number, “Company,” as she continues to search for ways to get her highly anticipated Joyride album off the ground. Apparently, the upbeat jam “Superlove,” her previous track produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, wasn’t enough to earn the project a release date, even though the sexiness of the accompanying video sent hearts racing with perhaps the best Baywatch musical interpretation of all ages.

So this time around, the young singer is getting straight to the point. She doesn’t have time to fool around or get attached, she’s only calling for one thing. (You can probably imagine what that is.) While Justin Bieber’s “Company” is looking for companionship, Tinashe lays it out straight: “I don’t need no problems with nobody/ I know how to get that, unfollow me/ I just need a moment, f*ck and leave/ You could say you had it all, no strings.”

So clearly, the kind of company the two are seeking out are entirely different things. Hopefully, the new track can get finally help launch Tinashe’s sophomore effort. It seems tracks like “Party Favors” featuring Young Thug and “Player” featuring Chris Brown are both part of a crop of songs that will be scrapped in favor of newer material like “Superlove” and “Company.” Fingers crossed something solid can materialize for her soon.

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