Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Pwns The Black Eyed Peas


Remember that fake Rahm Emanual Twitter account that was all the rage while the real-life Ari Gold’s brother was running for mayor of Chicago? Well, the guy who ran that account — Punk Planet founder Dan Sinker — got a book deal from it (of course he did!) and last night there was a book release party to celebrate it. Since Wilco is a local band and the Fake Rahm once tweeted that Jeff Tweedy should cover Black Eyed Peas songs at one of his fundraisers because “people love that sh*t,” Tweedy showed up at the party and covered some Black Eyed Peas songs, and it was kind of amazing.

In the video embedded above, Tweedy performs “I Gotta Feeling (Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night)” and in the video below he does a hilarious dramatic reading of “My Humps.” And as an added bonus, the video for Wilco’s new single “Born Alone” was released today — it is also embedded below.

(HT: Dustin Rowles)

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