Will.I.Am Reads Lyrics Off Of Cellphone During Black Eyed Peas Performance


Last night the Black Eyed Peas were supposed to play a massive outdoor concert in Central Park, but an epic hellstorm swept over the area and forced organizers to cancel the event, unleashing a torrent of “God hates the Black Eyed Peas” jokes on Twitter — and pissing off their petulant fans.

But maybe there was something more to it?

You see, the previous night, the group performed in France and, at one point in the show, will.i.am whipped out his cellphone, apparently looked up the lyrics to the song they were performing, and read them off of his phone during the performance. Either that, or he was expecting a really hot sext from someone and just couldn’t wait to get offstage to look at it, but that’s probably giving him too much benefit of the doubt, I think.

So God might not actually hate the Black Eyed Peas, as many have insinuated, he may just have been a little pissed over the whole cellphone thing the night before. Or maybe he hates them AND he was pissed over the cellphone thing? Regardless, video after the jump.

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