Lupita Nyong’o Freaked The Hell Out When She Discovered Her Name In Jay Z’s ‘We Made It’ Freestyle

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It’s a lie. All of it. That whole “the highest honor one can receive as an actor/actress is an Oscar” isn’t the least bit true. It’s actually having the top rapper of the last 20 years name drop you in a song. Now THAT’s something worth some flexing on family and friends.

The ever-so stylish and graceful Lupita Nyong’o yucked it up with Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night and revealed her absolute excitement when she first heard Jay Z mention her name on the “We Made It” freestyle. Like every girl mentioned on DMX’s “What These B*tches Really Want,” the Queen of Katwe actress completely freaked the hell out.

“I felt like the coolest kid ever,” the 33-year-old beauty excitedly said. “I was actually taking some repose in Massachusetts when my brother started sending me all these voice notes, screaming and saying, ‘Jay Z! Jay Z! Yo!’ He sent me the link and I heard it. ‘I’m on my Lupita Nyong’o’ and I was like ‘Whaaaaat!’ Yeah, that is the height.” I can only imagine.

Lupita ended up meeting Jay after the 2014 freestyle and gave the rapper her stamp for approval for the reference, adding to her story, “I met him at the Oscars last year at the after party [and he asked] ‘I did good right? Did I do good?’ [I said] ‘You did so good!'”

I’d like to think Lupita has a one-of-one CD recording of Jay’s We Made It freestyle perched at the top of her trophy case. It sits next to her picture with Beyonce and right above her 40+ acting awards. Goals, for real.

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