The Start Of The Game-Meek Mill Beef Is Just As High School As You’d Imagine

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Now that cooler heads have prevailed and the beef between Meek Mill and The Game has been squashed, we’re now getting a little more insight in terms of how it all got started anyway. As suspected given the characters involved, the whole thing was as trivial as can be imagined.

While on his press run for his upcoming project, The Game stopped by Hip Hop Nation’s Torae SiriusXM radio show where he divulged info on the phone call that lit the match. Yes, it stemmed from Sean Kingston’s chain being snatched in a L.A. night club and Game’s efforts to warn Meek, but not Kingston. It was Meek’s first time really being back in the City of Angels since being released on house arrest so Game sent a bottle to his table and later stopped by with a warning: a lot of robberies had been going down so don’t linger around too late into the night. It just so happened that Meek’s table was near Kingston’s, who Game apparently didn’t feel like he needed to give a heads-up to since they weren’t cool.

Fast forward to after the robbery and the “Beautiful Girls” singer calls Game saying, “Meek told me that you set me up!” These two end up calling to get Meek on the line with them, which leads to Meek and Kingston arguing. Game explains, “He’s going off on Sean Kingston. ‘I ain’t tell you nothing.’ Sean Kingston saying, ‘Yes, you did.’ He’s saying, ‘Motherfucker, you bitch-ass n***a…’ So, I just hung up the phone.”

Detectives soon question Game, which ruffled his feathers quite a bit and that’s how he ended up on stage, putting Meek on blast. “I got drunk in Miami one night,” he says, “and you know, you tell the truth. It comes out. So, I grab the mic and out of nowhere, I’m like, ‘Fuck Meek Mill,’ From then, I had to ride it out. That’s what we’re doing.”

He goes on to speak about the back and forth they went through on records over the past week and how he really didn’t want to drag Beanie Sigel but he’s “smash” him too if he had to. Game also makes note of the fact so many brothers have been dying at the hands over the past few days and weeks made it “difficult” for him be beefing with Meek.

So, what he we learned?

1. This beef pretty much began like many high school arguments. What started at the cafeteria lunch tables later carried over to a three-way call — or maybe Twitter DMs or subtweets for our younger readers — and then turned into a full blown argument where people had to fight to maintain their dignity. Call it Mean Boys.

Yes, the stakes were extremely higher since Kingston was smacked with a bottle and had $300K worth of jewelry taken from him — how he saved enough lunch money for that much jewelry is beyond me — and Game’s crew did get shot at in Miami. By who is unclear but it falls within in the timeframe of the beef so we’ll just include it.

2. Nicki’s name got toss in here for no good reason. For future reference, any drama involving Meek shouldn’t mean his lady has to be included. It’s weird all of these affluent young brothers constantly scream for an independent woman who’s got her own. Meek manages to land a woman who falls in this category…and other brothers chide him because her money stacks higher than his? As ass backward thinking goes, that takes the cake in my book.

3. We got new heat from Beans so that’s never a bad thing. After the Broad Street Bully took a hot one to the lung and came back sounding extra raspy, I wondered if we’d seen the last of him sort of like how D.O.C.’s car accident put an abrupt end to his career. Nope, Sigel’s good so now we can look forward to his next project with pleasant anticipation.

4. Beefin’ on wax is acceptable. Anything outside of that is a threat and a risk for everyone involved. Meek’s Philly judge has proven countless times that she monitors his Instagram account with a finger hovering over the report button and just waiting on the chance to drag him back into court. We’re also talking about guys who claim to have a lot of respect from their respective neighborhoods of Compton and Philadelphia. Do we really want to see hangers-on from either one of those spots potentially riding for their local rapper? Hellllll no. Playing with people’s lives and freedom isn’t the move when our country and our people are already facing enough challenges as is when it comes to black males.

5. Poor Sean Kingston is a walking come-up. He couldn’t defend himself in the clubs, he looked like an amateur wrestling cutting a promo reel when he tried to talk tough to Game. The best thing he can do is leave the clubs and streets behind, stop tricking to impress IG thotties and just turn his life over to the Lord. There’s a local church choir who would love to have his voice singing praise songs.

6. Cuffin’ season is drawing near. Everyone should be focused on making arrangements with a ladyfriend instead of out here hasslin’ with all these hard-ankle ass soliders.

Check out Game’s interview below.

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