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By 04.12.07

Just to make sure I haven't unfairly libeled Luke Walton as a diseased slummer, I should point out that he's denying any involvement with Little Miss Trainwreck:

Walton stressed that he has never even spoken to [freakshow Britney] Spears, who has attended several Lakers games this season.

"The rumors aren't true," Walton said. "I'm sure Britney is a great person, but I don't even know her. I have a girlfriend. I'm very happy with my relationship.

Has his famous father, Bill, called to ask about the rumors?

"No," Walton said, "my dad probably thinks it's true."

But that's what a couple decades of psychedelic drug use can do to you: anything seems possible… Well, except for that defensive effort by Robert Horry, which was terrible! He didn’t even make it difficult for Rasheed Wallace to score!


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