"Fin." - Crooked I Hip-Hop Weekly #52


By 04.03.08

THIS GUY'S FUNNY – Here's a video of Carlos Zambrano hitting people with 95+ mph fastballs.  My favorite part is when the people get hit with the fastballs.  Part of a series of spoofs, catch the rest here

DAVID BECKHAM HAS A GOLDEN IPOD — "The gold 32 gigabyte ipod ran the team £600 ($1188) and is sure to be filled with Spice Girls hits."  So I guess Spice Girls hits take up 16 gigs of disk space?

THEIR CULTURE IS SIMPLE AND INFERIOR — Masai warriors running the London marathon have been instructed in a four-page pamphlet to wear pants and not urinate in public during their time in the British Isles.  Way to kill the buzz, pamphlet.

EIGHT-MINUTE STANDS-CLEARING BRAWL — Courtesy of organized thugs disguised as fans at a Brazilian futsal match.  Complete with tear gas, batons, uprooted arena seats, and tables as makeshift shields.  Fun for the whole family!


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