By: 09.09.08  •  5 Comments

Brian Butcher, a former assistant football coach at Los Gatos High School in California who was apparently angry about being fired last year, was arrested for attempting to burn the school down over the weekend.

Officers found that the glass door to the gym had been smashed by a shot put, [Sgt. Randy] Rimple said.  They also found Butcher driving a vehicle on the front lawn of the campus, police said.

Butcher had flammable materials in his possession, Rimple said. He declined to elaborate, saying the investigation was continuing.

Just so we have an accurate background here: he coached receivers and defensive backs on the freshman/sophomore team.  He’s 34 years old, and he was an assistant coach for the not-even-JV team.  A job that he couldn’t hold.  So let’s not be surprised he couldn’t pull off setting the school on fire.  We should probably be impressed he found materials that could catch fire.  Even if his car was probably just filled with sticks and paper.


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