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By 10.22.08

Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump.  Reader satisfaction not guaranteed.  Or even taken into consideration, really.

  • Mouthpiece Sports lists ten of the least influential White Sox players in history.  At last, meaningless unknown players are finally getting their due!
  • Joe Sports Fan redefines creepy with the Sports Anchor O-Face collection.  More ball-retreatingly disturbing: Lou Holtz or John Clayton?  Strongly recommended to counterbalance that link: Hungarian Playmate Orsi Kocsis.
  • RAWR!
  • The Sporting Blog tells the tale of one Bengals fan who was brutally attacked by a Steelers fan at Sunday’s game in Cincy.  Pittsburgh: making Ohio look good since the 1800s.
  • Puck Daddy has the lowdown on the creepy-as-hell (but not as creepy as Sports Anchor O-Faces) Lightning goalie masks that promote Saw V.  To echo some others out there, I can’t wait for Saw V.  So many loose ends that need to be resolved from Saw IV.
  • D.C. Sports Bog reports that the Wizards have dropped their antics and are serious this year.  It’s a commitment that could theoretically last, as long as Gilbert Arenas never returns from injury.  Which seems kinda possible, actually.

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