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Power Rankings: Summer of George

By 07.16.10

1: COSTANZA! – This truly is the Summer of George. First his boss dies, and now he’s starring in a made for Lifetime movie. Everything’s coming up George.

2: Erin Andrews – First she was at the ESPYs, looking really attractive, and pretty soon she’ll be all legally blonde in the courtroom. There’s a very high chance she’ll be looking attractive. Here she is eating a sandwich.

3: Kimmy K – Could have snuck into the top two if Darnell Dockett hadn’t knocked her down a peg or two. She’s still a top 10 prospect in my book.

4: John Daly – John took his awesome pants and mean mug to St. Andrews, and played well yesterday. He’s not hitting the ball as well today, but 30 mph winds are a pretty reasonable excuse.

5: Hedo Turkgolu – The party machine was lucky enough to get that huge contract of his out of Toronto and down to Arizona. This will be his third team in three years.

6-10 after the jump.

6: Carlos Zambrano – Out of anger management and ready for his comeback. You know, until he gets knocked around in the first inning and blows up on the Cubbies again.

7: Chad Ochocinco – The reality show is a genius idea. What’s better than having 85 women fighting for your love and affection? Winning the Super Bowl? Yes, yes it is.

8: Kobe Bryant – Who came out of the whole LeBron situation better than Kobe? He got a ringing endorsement from MJ, and is no longer the most hated NBA superstar.

9: WSOP – PUNTE returns from the WSOP on Monday. Good news for those of you who have grown tired of my constant typos and bad jokes.

10: Beach Babes – It’s summer time, so get out of the office early to hit the beach and eye grope hot bikini girls. I know that’s what I’ll be doing. Why doesn’t anyone say babes anymore?

Some bonus Kimmy and Erin Andrews, because you deserve it.


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