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This Cat Has A Personal Trainer

By 03.03.11

Who can think about the “labor situation” in pro football when THIS CAT HAS A PERSONAL TRAINER. Cats are the most spoiled animals on earth. I saw cat walking to the mailbox on Tuesday and I wanted to punch him in the face. Anyway, fitness trainer Michael Greenblatt found this stray cat and just took him home one day BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU SEE A CAT YOU JUST STEAL IT. But I guess the cat likes to run.

In fact, this black cat likes and actually demands to go for a daily run. So much so that Greenblatt is training Roadrunner “like an athlete” and using the same fitness principles that he does with his human clients. Greenblatt runs Roadrunner through a series of speed drills, timing her speed on every drill.

–Paw Nation.

And you thought the NFL combine was pointless and stupid. Just shut it, America. This cat will be representing you in the London Olympics. I can’t wait to see him working at Home Depot in 2014.

via @HollyEgg.


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