NBA Round Up: The Magic Are Back?

By: 04.20.11  •  7 Comments

Dallas Mavericks 101, Portland Trail Blazers 89

Peja's wife, Aleka Kamila. Just pointing out that he's doing just fine.

I have to apologize to my Western Conference friends again because these late games don’t bode well for my old bones… and liver. But I watched most of this game through a blurry haze and some bar gambling so I have one main thought on this.

When you let Peja Stojakovic drop 21 on you, your season is over. I’m gonna go ahead and file the Mavericks in my clean sweep folder with the Miami Heat. Although, that’s not to say that I didn’t expect more from Portland after Gerald Wallace was dropped off on their door step with a ribbon and bow, but pending a miracle this series is over.

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