Conan O’Brien Must Apologize To Tampa Today

By: 10.03.11

The Tweet about not knowing what channel TBS is on pretty much defines Rays fans, since they have to tune into TBS to watch the Rays play. It sucks because I know a few legit Rays fans and this sort of behavior and bandwagon sense of entitlement just buries them.

And from the article, I can’t leave out the glory of Internet commenters:

“PyroRN”: typical Boston fan….. that is why they SUCK!

“dogfish”: …i’ll take it a little further, typical moron Boston fan, and anyone else for that matter, who doesn’t know the difference between Tampa, Tampa Bay, or St. Pete!!! (How are we supposed to know the difference when your team is called the Tampa Bay Rays and they play in St. Pete? – ed.)

“formernchick”: The only thing funny about Conan is his ugly face and goofy looking hair. No one is watching his show and it will soon be cancelled!!

“laker”: Well Boston still ahs to live with the fact that “Notan” come from there…

“Classical”: This would be funny if Conan were actually a comedian.

Oh snap, all around. Way to show us all the truth.

Finally, from the other side’s perspective, this excerpt is from the sports blog Boston Bias, regarding Calta’s crybaby campaign in May over the TD Banknorth Garden’s anti-Tampa signs: “I think this is all a stunt by Cowhead to drum up interest in a sports town that can barely support their baseball team, has an has an NFL team that is less than competitive, and cling to their 2004 cup like the holy grail. This town also referred to itself as TitleTown a few years ago. What?” – Ryan Burns (no relation)

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