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The Best And Worst Of WWE Smackdown 11/18 Live-Blog

By 11.18.11

One of the comments I get for complaining in Best And Worst Of WWE Raw is, “why don’t you do a Best And Worst Of Smackdown instead?” That’s usually followed by “it’s a lot better”, and a list of wrestlers I love who infrequently or never show up on Raw, like Daniel Bryan and The Chickbusters, A.J. and Kaitlyn. I did one when it aired live on a Tuesday — The Best And Worst Of WWE Super Smackdown — but it ended up filled with Raw guys.

The reason I don’t do it regularly (besides an “I’m always busy on Friday nights” thing I’m not going to lie to you about) is simple: With Leather doesn’t update on Saturdays, and nobody’s interested enough to come back Monday for a report about a show that aired Friday and was taped the previous Tuesday. The solution, at least until we figure out the logistics of podcasting, is even simpler: tonight, starting at 8 PM EST (or 7 PM Brandon Time), we’re going to experiment with the Best And Worst of WWE Smackdown Live-Blog.

Thanks to the magic of CoverItLive, you can come back to this entry when Smackdown starts and follow along with me as I make jokes, mark out for the FCW fresh and pretend like I didn’t read the spoilers. I’ll be sharing your comments as we go, and best case scenario I’ll have Popular Internet Girlfriend Destiny as my co-host. Check it out. If this is successful and I don’t find out I’m less funny on the fly, we’ll keep it going.

The Live Best And Worst Of WWE Smackdown


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