The 2012 With Leather Fantasy Football Draft Guide: Knowing Your Quarterbacks

By: 08.29.12

No thanks.

The Don’t Bothers

I wouldn’t touch these guys with your **euphemism for penis and draft pick**.

Michael Vick – Forget the dog killing thing, that’s in the past (as far as fantasy football is concerned, naturally). I don’t want this dude on my team because he’s one of the most frustrating athletes on the planet to watch. I can’t even imagine being an Eagles fan.

Josh Freeman – People keep saying, “This dude is poised to break out.” Forget proving it once. He needs to do it two seasons in a row before I’ll even give him backup consideration.

Alex Smith – Even with all of the receiving help the 49ers have given him, I have no faith in Smith. He had 18 TD and 6 INT last season, which is great for what the 49ers needed to accomplish, but not for you to defeat your bro’s 69ers.

Matt Cassel – Ugh, no thanks. I can’t wait until the Chiefs are done with this miserable experiment, for the sake of fantasy drafts and their fans.

Mark Sanchez – Or Tim Tebow. Both of them. Fire them into the sun already.

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