The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 9/10/12: A Thing About Jerry “The King” Lawler

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Worst: I’m Sorry, I Really Did Check Out For The Rest Of This Show

I hope you’ll understand. This was one of the most difficult Raws to watch (and for all the worst reasons), and when Cole came on to announce that the rest of the show would be presented without commentary, I tried to do something else with my time. I kept Raw on, but that awful-feeling 20 minutes with the Sheamus/Otunga follow-up match and the admittedly-great-in-retrospect start of a Cody Rhodes/Miz feud are a blur to me. Wrestling really only works when it allows you to escape whatever you’re thinking about, and the “is he dead? What’s happening?” vibe of silence and a crying Michael Cole made the dumb shit we care about seem really, really small.

The good news is that the weekend gives us a chance to start fresh. Jerry’s having a tough time as of the publication of this report, but he’s fighting hard and making it through. Whatever happens with him will happen, and we’ll handle it. Night Of Champions is this Sunday, and hopefully WWE will combat the doldrums of the post-SummerSlam-to-pre-WrestleMania lull with a show full of good wrestling matches, whether they go anywhere or not. Punk will retain, or he’ll look like the biggest goober ever, lengthy title reign or not. Kaitlyn will maybe get to do a thing, and I’ll be back on Tuesday with a Night Of Champions report and Wednesday with another Best And Worst Of WWE Raw.

The reason for that delay, as I’ve probably mentioned a hundred times, is that I (and a bunch of people who comment on With Leather) will be at Chikara’s King Of Trios event in Easton, Pennsylvania. Kikutaro, Meng, freaking Aldo Montoya and Saturyne’s abdominal area will all be there, and if there’s a wrestling weekend that can cheer me up, this’ll be it.

There’s no reason for me to get stupid sappy at the end of a wrestling column featuring a sci-fi subplot, but remember, the weird downside of the hobby we share is that the people who perform it are literally killing themselves for our enjoyment. If you ever read this column and think the hateful stuff I say about people reflects my opinion of the performer and not the character they’re portraying, I hope you’ll reconsider. There’s no group of people I love more than pro wrestlers, and that includes goofy Minor League Baseball mascots and my family. In that order. Be nice to each other, and don’t wait until somebody’s dead to talk about how great they are.

Best: Michael Cole

I wanted to make sure I gave him a Best before I was done. You had the hardest job in the world last night, and you did the best you could. Thank you for that.

Best: Top 10 Comments Of The Week

Lobster Mobster

“You wrote your own autobiography, Bret! How cocky!”


Shut up, Punk. If you say “John” three times, he appears in the Titantron.



Stone Cold Jane Austen



The Brogue kick may not cause serious mental anguish, but that segment definitely did.


No one on this site can ever defend Sheamus ever again.


I am Randy please insert girder.

Ricky The Steamboat



I think the internet just collectively willed Raw to a commercial break.

Fancy Catsup

If WWE was a Stephen King novel, tonight’s episode is the page where Pennywise turns out to be a friggin’ giant spider.

See you on Sunday for the Night Of Champions open thread.

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