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WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 9/24/12: Replacement Referee Jokes, Probably

By / 09.24.12


Tensions are running high after last week’s FOOT-ON-THE-ROPE-BUT-THE-REFEREE-AIN’T-CARE-GATE, so tonight’s WWE Raw open discussion thread should be a turgid one. As always, the 10 best comments from tonight’s thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column, and comments can be nominated for top 10 status with a +1 reply, so make that happen. broke out its Synonym Generator for this week’s Raw preview:

And you thought CM Punk was mad before? No, no, no, that was a warm-up, a preview, an aperitif, if you will, of the fury that’s sure to spew forth from The Second City Saint following his controversial defeat at the hands of John Cena last week on Raw. In case you’ve forgotten, The Straight Edge Superstar was pinned by the Cenation leader despite the fact that Punk had his foot on the ropes, a seemingly egregious oversight by the referee who officiated the contest. As Raw went off the air, Punk was berating the ref all the way back to the locker room on TV and, and speculation has been running rampant as to how the WWE Champion will respond to the controversy this week.

Oh also, Kane & Daniel Bryan will be in the house. Admit it, you’re excited. Here are five things to look forward to on Raw.

1. Rhodes Scholar (the team of Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) become a consistent, important thing on Raw so I can write about them without having to suffer the piped-in crowd noises and inaccurately-timed commercial break interruptions of Smackdown. Sorry, I know it’s a good show, but I can’t do it.

2. Beth Phoenix wrestling on Jack Swagger’s shoulders, and both of them losing in less than one minute to Alicia Fox, or whoever.

3. Raw General Manger AJ Lee being represented by a cardboard cutout with a cassette recorder at its feet. The only thing on the tape: “whoever’s in the ring right now, you’re in a tag match against JOHN CENA!”

4. Heath Slater wrestles a goldfish, gets really confrontational about the goldfish understanding that he’s a One Man Band, gets pinned quickly by the goldfish.

5. The entire Brodus Clay intro and outro. Because that’s still something we enjoy, right?


I want more like this!

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WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 9/24/12: Replacement Referee Jokes, Probably


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