The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 11/12/12: Sexy Voicemails We Found Edition

By: 11.13.12

Best: Oh, And Before I Forget, Fandango Still Rules

I will never forgive them for taking off the extra O, but Fandangoo Fandango appears to be the greatest thing that ever happened, a Funkasaurus without an expiration date, and I hope he gets to be a thing. I don’t want them to just Simon Dean him.

Just to throw this out there, I will accept two Fandango jokes:

1. Adding an extra O to his name every time you type it. I like Fandango! Fandangoo is a good wrestler. I want to see Tyson Kidd wrestle Fandangooo. (and so on)

2. Removing a letter from his name every time you type it. By January you’ll be like I THINK FA WILL WIN THE ROYAL RUMBLE. F IS SO GOOD. Then you have to type | because that’s what the back half of an F looks like.

Best: Wrestlers Being Adorable On Twitter

Presented without comment:

Best: The Best And Worst Of WWE Survivor Series

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who offered to write the Best And Worst Of Survivor Series report. Second of all, BIGGER THANKS to the guy who will actually be writing it. Well, guys. My good friend Soupy from the band The Wonder Years will be covering the show with a little help from the rest of the guys in the band. That is so great I can’t even explain it. If you need proof of their wrestling cred, here’s their video for ‘Melrose Diner’.

If you need further proof of their wrestling cred, Soupy we had the exact same Halloween costumes.

Soupy Daniel BryanBest: Top 10 Comments Of The Week

anY (ed note: I love this comment so much.)

After his heart attack, doctors have instructed Lawler to stay clear of the Miz and his salty attitude.


Good taste of WWE to not change Jerry’s theme to Tazz’ old theme.


Now all we need is for Cena to have a phone message saying, “Hey, its John.. I need you to take your name off your phone. You got to do this for me. Huge. Quickly.” © Tiger Woods


AJ Lee must be made of steel ring step to be able to hold Cena back


“Somebody had to take AJ home. Then I noticed she was sitting on [splice] her sweet [splice] can. [splice] — o I grab her — [splice] sweet can. [splice] Oh, just thinking about [splice] her [splice] can [splice] I just wish I had he — [splice] sweet [splice] sweet [splice] s-s-sweet [splice] can.” – John Cena

Lobster Mobster

You know, with all the shit that goes on backstage, Lawler really is lucky to get in an ambulance driven by EMTs and not Kane.

Oshit Umenyiora (Zak)

“WTF, thought he was dead, LOL”

Punk’s sister just had to find that text to resend a little over a year later.


“Don’t croak before the PPV, Jerry”

“Hey, Punk, I’ll think about it”

ric chair

DEADSPIN: Is this a work?

Lance Garrison

Ok, who hit the X button instead of start when they selected Foley from the characters screen?

See you guys on Sunday for the Survivor Series open discussion thread, and also throughout the week on this sports blog I run!

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