The Best And Worst Of TNA Impact Wrestling 2/7/13: Live From Manche-zzzzzzzzzzz

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Alright. You know what guys? I’ve had it. There legitimately isn’t a single redeeming thing about the rest of this show. I have tried and tried to pull even the tiniest Bests out of this show, but it has been abysmal (obviously things are ABYSSmal without Joseph Park, but still).

I know things are different when you’re taping in front of a foreign crowd weeks before airdate, but this really makes me worry for future episodes. TNA’s lease on the Impact Zone is up, and as such they’ll be traveling to a city near you each week. The problem with a show like this week is that there is a whole new crowd to please, and one that doesn’t often get wrestling shows, so the faces have to go over, and they don’t spend as much time developing their narrative, but rather giving the fans what they think they want to see.

I’m sure it was a real kick to be there live, and see Bully Ray wrestle his brother and put him through a table and point out that he doesn’t need him anymore because he’s got Sting now to wrangle his opponent’s legs like he’s trying to change the diaper on an orangutan, but watching at home the match was slow, and dull, and had zero gravitas.

I feel like for once TNA is really on the right path, if not somewhat delayed by dumb Aces & Eights shenanigans while they waited for Sting to come back. I feel like they are at least trying to listen and take strides, but between this terrible episode and the horribly botched Gut Check Voting System, I’m really not hopeful.

I really hate to be negative, but I don’t believe that TNA has proven that they are capable of handling an undertaking like this. They’ve been the most successful in their execution lately by developing the emotional turmoil of Hulk Hogan, or letting Kazarian and Daniels do what they want. Joseph Park is the best thing on wrestling television. Are these guys even going to be there each week? This episode had zero Joe Park, zero Bad Influence, and one weird moment with Hogan where he was kind of super creepy about stuff. That last one could be alluding to the idea that he’s behind Aces & Eights, and he just did it to take Sting’s GM position, but…jeez. Even typing all of that out makes it seem like a horrible idea. Sadly, it’s still better than Jarrett or Bischoff, so…okay maybe it’s good enough.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the Impact Zone, but while I don’t think they should have ever been running PPVs out of there, there’s something to be said for the production quality that’s allowed with a fixed venue. Look at how terrible the show looked last night. It was like watching old ECW matches that have been “digitally restored” to be put into DVD production. People already have the opinion that TNA is about as low-rent as you can get (because apparently they’ve never watched ROH TV), so is this really going to win them over? Especially when all you can expect is James Storm yelling at people, RVD huffing his way through the world’s sh-ttiest Rolling Thunders, and Jeff Hardy celebrating the longest TNA championship run in its history with all of his creeeeeatures?

So what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to no more Impact Zone? Are you devastated at losing the weekly appearance of the Impact Crowd Redhead? Let me know! I clearly have strong opinions on the subject, but I’m curious to find out what all of you think. And I’m not just WHISTLIN’ DIXIE.

Yeah, you really should help with those puns.

Next week on Impact: It better effing be this guy….

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