The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 2/4/13: Managing As Managing Manager

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WORST: Rey Mysterio’s campaign: Yes We Can

“Vote for me because you know if there’s somebody who should be fighting CM Punk it’s me because I took him down before and if there’s anybody who knows how to take him down it’s me and let me know this, who has the ability to know his weaknesses besides me, I bet you can’t because if there’s one person who can do all of these things, it’s me because I know how to do it and handle it.”

Everything that Rey Mysterio said in his WWE Active promo (which you can only see on the WWE App so download it now but also we’re going to show it on television too) sounded like what a kid would say. And when I think of Mysterio and kids, I think about this. This is why I’m voting for Rey Mysterio, in hopes it leads to another moment like that.

WORST: Chris Jericho’s campaign: Ron Paul Revolution

“It’s so dumb when people say they are the best in the world unless they follow it with four other words so tonight Punk, let’s see who’s the best in the world once and for all because it could be you or maybe it’s me, the best in the world (at what I do).”

BEST: The Return from Mars

Brandon Stroud, I apologize, but you are on a plane right now and Jack Swagger is on my television looking like he’s been on another planet that I know you put him on. I cannot do this paragraph justice so instead I bow my head to you, Mr. Stroud.

BEST: Power Failures in Sports

As a native New Orleanian and lover of all things New Orleans Sports (yes, even the Voodoo and I’ll argue with anyone who thinks Pelicans is a dumb name), I’m still unsure how I feel about the Superbowl blackout. It was unfortunate but also very funny when you think of possibly conspiracies or some sort of Project Mayhem type act against Roger Goodell. The WWE App going down during voting is less of a big deal though it would be pretty awesome if The Shield were somehow behind this. Then they can make their own soap. Don’t talk about The Shield. DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE SHIELD.

BEST: Del Rio over Cody Rhodes; Cody Rhodes new shirt over Del Rio’s old scarf

Another high stakes fun match here has me feeling pretty bad. Poor Brandon is stuck in the sky somewhere and I get to cover a Raw that is easily the best of the year. If The Rock decides to retire tonight and his goodbye forever speech is interrupted by a pissed off Mark Henry then Brandon may quit writing this thing altogether.

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