The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 5/6/13: On A Scale Of One To Ten

By: 05.07.13

Best: Backstage Fallout

As regular readers know, Backstage Fallout is the best part of most Raws. This week’s edition is low on the usually-great Team Rocket content, but in its place is Brodus Clay learning that fat guys have abs and Antonio Cesaro quoting Voltaire. If you don’t watch this already, watch it now. Make your backstage segments on Raw like the Backstage Fallout videos, guys. Just let the wrestlers be themselves. It sounds better, looks better, and makes me like basically everybody.

Best: Top 10 Comments Of The Week


I want to see a Wine Off between Cody and Damien.


“Is this is a… Merlot?”

“NO! It is a 1975 Cabernet Sauvignon! For shame, Cody, for shame!”


Can I press X to skip this?

Harry Longabaugh

Fandango got dumped. Has it already been (500) Days of Summer Rae?


Thank GOD RAW comes at 9, Nitro is awful tonight.


I think the main event at Extreme Rules should end with Ryback talking John Cena out of the WWE title with well-structured, constructive criticism of his general approach to the world of wrestling.

beef supreme

I had to watch a ladder safety video today for work. AND ALL OF THESE THINGS WERE ON THE DO NOT DO LIST!!!


“seeeeee myyyy vest, see my vest, made by illegal immigrants.” Zeb Burns


Reigns: Hey Jey, it’s your cousin Roman! Come play darts with me!


Not pictured: HHH’s Spanish work desk.


Whoever that Paul Levesque guy is is going to be pissed.

Thanks, everybody. See you next week.

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