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By 06.07.13
Kansas City Royals fan

Their freeze frame, not mine.

A special moment occurred during the fourth inning of yesterday’s Kansas City Royals/Minnesota Twins game.

It was a moment that defied what we’ve come to know and accept about women and children in the stands at baseball games — that women are only there to steal foul balls and home runs from children and make them miserable. That’s not what I believe necessarily, but with so many ladies stealing balls from babies, lording it over them and/or throwing back home runs that could’ve been cherished memories, it’s the consensus opinion.

But as I said, this defied that. Behold, the beautiful lady in the crowd who has a clear line on the ball, and the horrible fate that befalls her. Deballs her. Whatever.

That’ll teach you to enjoy a Royals game, you beautiful woman!


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