The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling 2/6/14: I Can Put My Arm Back On, You Can’t

By: 02.07.14

Best: Here’s a picture of Trent Baretta with a goat to make us all feel better


get out of my dreams and onto my television again


Worst: Can afford a hostile takeover of TNA…

…apparently cannot afford a flattering headshot

Worst: xBallerxMVPxShotcaller_73x has a few words for us

Now, obviously I love Dixie Carter as of late. Obviously I love her weird little Blokeman family and Rockstar Spud’s suddenly incredible ferocious lion persona and Ethan Carter III’s everything, so I feel I might be having the wrong reaction to MVP’s dramatic reading of a TNA forum board conversation.

He’s so fed up with the way things have been running (really awesome so I don’t see the problem but okay Montel Vontavious) that as a professional wrestler he HAD to step in and do something about it. So you’re telling me that didn’t see anything wrong with the abuse of power displayed by the Main Event Mafia: Orignal Flavour? He watched Victory Road ’09 and went yeah, these wrestles are good wrestles? It’s only now that he chooses to find something flawed, and it’s not the guy who wants to shoot break babies’ necks and quotes Coolio while standing over a large coffin? Or Gunner?

Dixie’s actions may not be the most ethical, but I’m pretty sure that misused talent is not the problem here.

Caveat: Hey, MVP

Use some of that investment money to bring back this goon and I’ll be Team Porter forever.

Worst: Curry Man vs. Bully Ray

Unlike Coolio, you did indeed cross a man who didn’t deserve it. Not cool….io.


Best, but also a frustrating worst: Team Dixie

A lot of you have expressed that you read the Best and Worst, but don’t watch TNA. And that’s fair. They haven’t built up…basically any good will over the years, and a lot of what goes up on the Impact YouTube channel isn’t indicative of the reasons you should be watching the whole show. So when I say hey, Team Dixie rules, and they have the best segments on the show, there’s nothing to link to in order to back up my claims.

Dixie’s been prepping to meet with MVP, and Bobby Roode, Spud, EC3, and Magnus all float in and out of her dressing room with various questions, concerns, and reassurances. I can transcribe verbatim what was said, but it loses something in the chemistry this messed up little family has been cultivating over the past weeks. Even Magnus is good.

Let that sink in for a second.

Even Magnus is good.

Remember when I said that I could get on board with Magnus if he just went full high camp, and became this ridiculously entitled over-the-top heel caricature? Well, he did it, and it’s so f-cking good. When he stands in the ring and claims that Kurt Angle is a lumbering dinosaur of a bygone era? Yeah, those words sound a little familiar, but he’s right and I’m on his side. When he acts over confident, and the cracks we saw previously between him, Ethan Carter III, and Aunt D get split wide open? It’s so f-cking good.

#TeamDixie forever.

Bonus Best: EC3 your haaaaair

Don’t you dare listen to Brandon it looks stellar and I want to play with it in the most platonic way that I can express.

Worst: Dixie Carter’s sweater

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