The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 3/14/14: TWO STRAIGHT VICTORIES!

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Best: A Competitive Bray Wyatt/Kofi Kingston Match?

A back and forth Bray Wyatt/Kofi Kingston match was low on the list of things I excepted or hoped to see on this week’s Smackdown, but the match was…pretty good?

Bray is still far from a bulletproof performer, but there’s a type he works well with, namely smaller guys who bump hard. Bray isn’t really that big, but he works like a monster, so he needs somebody who can pinball off him, and Kofi can certainly do that. Bryan, Kofi, the smaller, wilier Shield members, Bray’s worked well against all of them. Kane, Roman Reigns (and probably Cena) not so much. Bray really needs to do like Chris Jericho and have one gear for the big guys and one gear for the faster smaller guys if he wants to hang around as a top heel — he can’t wrestle Bryan every night.

Worst: Oooooo, Somebody’s Not Returning WWE’s Calls

In a match that no doubt delighted the horny guy with a baby on his lap sitting next to me at last week’s house show, Nikki Bella continued her John Cena-ing of the women’s division by beating Tamina, but the real story of the segment was AJ on commentary.

See, every time Cole or JBL asked her a question AJ would ignore it, and then she got up and walked out on them. Ho ho! I see what you did there WWE! Of course Cole and JBL were so obnoxious that AJ came off as sympathetic, so joke didn’t really work as a jab against Punk, but it was probably more accurate overall.

Worst: A Long-Standing Rivalry Renewed

A rivalry can’t be renewed if it never ended, and I’m fairly certain Dolph Ziggler has wrestled Alberto Del Rio at least once a week for the past five years.

So yeah, the rekindling of this classic rivalry didn’t do much for me. I don’t know if they chopped 10-minutes out of the middle of this one, but the announcers were giving Dolph/Alberto the “What a great match!” sell even though the entire thing lasted maybe six minutes. Give them credit, they were trying hard to make this match in the second-to-last segment on Smackdown (aka the Aksana slot) seem important, but my brain wasn’t having it. Honestly I’d rather have Aksana in the Aksana slot.

Then after the match Dolph fiery promo-ed his way straight to Cringetown, boasting over winning TWO STRAIGHT MATCHES, entering the battle royal we all assumed he was already in, then dramatically vowing to finally secure himself a WRESTLEMANIA MOMENT by winning a giant chocolate Andre the Giant in the opener (which he won’t actually do). This promo was the equivalent of Dolph doing a 360-degree bump to the floor off a Miz clothesline — cool it dude.

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