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Lady Gaga Fans Are Flipping Out That Her DC Show Was Moved For The Wizards

By 05.06.14
Lady Gaga

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Now that the Washington Wizards are not only in the NBA Playoffs but also the second round, their fans and facilities are dealing with a very strange and rare feeling – winning in the postseason. The problem with this, though, is that if the Wizards keep winning these postseason games, then the Verizon Center is going to start running into more scheduling problems. I say more because arena officials already hit snag No. 1, as a potential Game 6 against the Indiana Pacers would land on the same night as Lady Gaga’s Washington DC concert, which was scheduled for Thursday, May 15.

With the Wizards up 1-0 in their series and the Pacers expected to at least put up a fight – 1-seeds tend to be, you know, good – it was basically poop or get off the pot time for the Verizon Center’s scheduling staff, and that means that either Lady Gaga or the Wizards had to move. Fortunately, before things got really ugly, Gaga’s people agreed to swap that DC show with her Philadelphia show, so now she’ll play the Verizon Center on Monday, May 12 and Philly on May 15. Problem solved, right?

Haha, no. Even with the nicest apology in the world from the Verizon Center’s GM, Gaga’s Little Monsters are furious about the change in scheduling, and they took to Twitter to voice their concerns with eloquence and grace.

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Okay, they were actually mostly furious. Wizards fans didn’t make matters any easier by making fun of and taunting the Monsters, which wasn’t really cool, considering those who were traveling from out of town to see Gaga in DC are probably going to eat some money on airfare now, since many of them can’t move their trips forward, and many hotels don’t have the rooms to handle the changes in accommodations. So yeah, they’re pretty pissed.

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It is pretty unfair to pick on the Lady Gaga fans like this, knowing that they’re so upset and irrational right now, no matter how amusing the idea of the overreaction might be. But it’s worth pointing out that Wizards fans, no matter how happy they may be, aren’t exactly acting like adults either.

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The moral of this story, as always, is that Twitter is full of terrible people in all walks of life.

(H/T to Dan Steinberg, @Kunks7 and @Hokie_Wartooth for the Twitter outrage)


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