09.11.08 9 years ago 55 Comments

Pardon the interruption from lowbrow sports coverage, but I want to close the day by taking a little break from our daily idiocy to recognize the 3000 innocent people who were killed seven years ago, all because some dark souls hate and fear America.

I’ve written about this before at much greater length, so I won’t prattle on about patriotism and service and all that.  But I think it’s important to periodically run our fingers over our scars, to remember the events that made us what we are.

When your television shows those names getting read at Ground Zero, don’t change the channel.  Don’t roll your eyes and ask why they’re doing it again this year.  Go ahead and sit through a little bit of it.  Weigh what those names mean, the sheer volume of them, how many lives each one touched.  Think about what the orphaned children looked like seven years ago.  And keep in mind that this event led to a war that’s now taken a thousand more American lives than 9/11.

If you’ve ever wondered why I’m so dismissive of people who take their sports teams too seriously, this is it.  There are much bigger things that deserve our attention, our passion, and our anger.

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