Anderson Silva Is Just Trolling Chael Sonnen Now

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.15.12 6 Comments


UFC’s Middleweight Champion and longest reigning champion Anderson Silva is on the cover of Rolling Stone Brazil, and Rolling Stone’s only two ideas for photos are “take off your clothes” and “do something stupid”. Thankfully Anderson Silva is awesome and could make either of those great, and since he’s already taken off his clothes, here’s him doing something stupid.

Silva wears two different Michael Jackson outfits — Thriller era Jackson with his red leather coat of zippers and post-Moonwalker Smooth Criminal-ish fedora-and-kneesocks Jackson. He really goes for it, too, doing a solid job of spinning and kicking and fey hand gesturing and yelling. You can check out the video below, before Chael Sonnen’s head explodes and blood gets all over it:

Silva’s clearly in training for his next onstage Justin Bieber dance-off. The smart money’s on Silva.

[h/t Jessica/Lobster Mobster]

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