Well, this is annoying (fifth item). 

The Yankees aren't satisfied, it appears, with being the preeminent professional sports franchise in the country and perhaps the world. Now, they're expanding their horizons to space.

Astronaut Garrett Reisman was honored in a pregame ceremony for his intention to carry a Yankees banner and dirt from the Yankee Stadium pitcher's mound to the International Space Station on behalf of the organization.  Reisman will be… aboard space shuttle Endeavor, which is scheduled to launch Feb. 14, 2008 from Cape Canaveral in Florida.  Plans call for the mission to last six months.  Reisman intends to display the Yankees banner inside the space station during video communications.

I guess it's appropriate.  The Yankees have the only payroll in sports that can fund a space mission, after all.  It's only fitting that a banner representing an overpriced piece of crap that's popular to the idiot masses be displayed in an overpriced piece of crap that's popular to the idiot masses.

p.s. Twenty bucks that says one of the other astronauts sends Garrett out the air lock by June.

Site news: "Doin' It Well" has been postponed until tomorrow, assuming I feel like writing it then. 

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