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Whiskers is such a mean drunk” title=”Whiskers is such a mean drunk” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

This baseball postseason, Boston mayor Thomas Menino is looking to curtail some of the binge-drinking that helps make Red Sox fans the charming wordsmiths they're known to be.

In a letter sent Monday to holders of liquor and entertainment licenses, Menino stated that he was "depending on your responsible actions to help stem instances of underage drinking and overservice of alcohol." …

Menino warned the license holders that police would be keeping an eye on them. He also reminded them that media outlets are not allowed to broadcast from their establishments unless they have permission from the city. Such broadcasts in the past have appeared to fuel fan frenzy.

Ugh, the media — they always have to ruin everything, from writing negative columns about our favorite players, to telling us depressing stories, to causing us to drink excessively and act like jackasses. 

As a strict Southern Baptist, I stay out of bars entirely; however, from what I understand they're excellent venues to discuss world politics or engage in a heady game of chess… right up until the camera crew shows up.  Then it's all public fornication and fisticuffs.  

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