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Sorry, Mario! Your destination is in another castle!

One of my life’s not-so-great ambitions is to just pull some random guy out of a car and beat him senseless. But I never thought of dressing up and doing it. These guys dressed up as the Super Mario Brothers and tried to rob some cab driver in front of a gas station.

One of the suspects, all of whom were passengers in the cab, reached into the driver’s pocket as the car was moving and attempted to swipe his cash.

The driver stopped at a gas station on Arthur Kill Road and demanded that they pay their fare and leave. –NYPost, via Gothamist.

“Uh, we have an APB out on a mister “Mario” and a mister “Luigi.” Suspect is about 25 pixels tall, caucasian male…moustache…may be seen riding small green dinosaur.” Good luck with that, everyone. This case seems more hopeless than beating Super Mario 3. Full video after the jump. I guess that’s how we’re rolling these days…


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