Clemson Threw An Interception But Still Scored Two Points Thanks To A Bizarre Safety

By: 09.22.16

Oh no, Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are hosting Clemson on Thursday night, and in order to pull off the huge upset, they’re going to need to force some turnovers. Unfortunately for them, Tigers QB Deshaun Watson is pretty good at not giving away the football, so every opportunity that Georgia Tech gets, they need to jump on.

That happened in this play: Watson and his receiver were not on the same page, so the Heisman Trophy candidate threw a duck into the end zone that softly landed into the arms of a Georgia Tech defender. This is good! Now all the Yellow Jackets need to do is turn that into points and maybe they’ll be able to pull off the upse…wait no not that kind of points, Georgia Tech.

The defender caught the ball in the end zone. He tried to take it out instead of just taking a knee, which isn’t great but it’s not unforgivable. What is unforgivable is that one of his teammates came in and accidentally hit him with a running knee, which knocked the ball loose and sent it into the end zone. Georgia Tech fell on it, but this meant that Clemson got two points for a safety. There’s unlucky, then there’s whatever the heck happened to the Yellow Jackets on this play.

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