01.18.08 10 years ago 15 Comments

Pepperdine basketball coach Vance Walberg has resigned, citing personal and family reasons for his departure.  Not a terribly exciting story until you factor in the controversy he'd faced since last season.

[Athletic Director John] Watson said Walberg had made "mistakes in judgment" that included derogatory remarks toward players and last season made a player suck his thumb during practice for acting like "a baby."

Well, yeah, what did you expect?  You hire a guy named "Vance" and he's going to use derogatory remarks and treat his subordinates like shit.  That's what guys named Vance do.  It goes so well with their pastel polo shirts with the popped collars while they lounge on the deck of their yacht, demanding another martini from Ector, that damn lazy Mexican.  Why, they have half a mind to deport his ass if he doesn't hurry up.

(Thanks to dunk contest participant George for the tip) 

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