10.07.08 9 years ago 10 Comments

The serenity of a youth football game was ruined by a coach who allegedly shoved an opposing player — also known as “an 11-year-old child” — in the facemask after the game ended.

Joe Deavenport says after a particularly contentious game, one of the other team’s coaches shoved the face-mask of his son, knocking him out of the reception line…

“There’s no question, it is assault,” Deavenport said… “This grown man approaches him and physically and forcefully pushes him, hits him in the head and my son had no idea why that was happening…”

NewsChannel 5 spoke to the coach viewed on the videotape… He says that action viewed on videotape was justified by some of the events that happened during the game.

I like that the coach feels justified.  Some people get all defensive and apologetic after they violently shove a child.  This guy isn’t gonna back down from some 11-year-old bully.  You can watch the video here, but it’s a bitch to get to work.  If you’re hankering for some adult-on-child violence, it may be easier to just head over to the playground and do it yourself.

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