06.09.08 9 years ago 22 Comments

I guess the big story today for a couple hours was the news of Michael Strahan's retirement.  The Giants defensive end and future Hall of Famer had an impressive career, making seven Pro Bowls in 15 years, notching 141.5 career sacks (5th best all-time), breaking the single-season sack record with the help of a lily-livered Brett Favre, and having one of the all-time awesome divorces in sports history.  He will most likely take his outspoken act to TV, where Strahan will hopefully replace Emmitt Smith, who — if our God is a merciful, benevolent God — will be recovering from having his vocal box torn out by a pack of hungry wild dogs.

In other transaction news, careful readers will have noticed that With Leather wasted absolutely no time or energy covering the "Doug Colllins as coach of the Bulls" non-story that fizzled and went nowhere last week.  And whaddaya know, it turns out the Bulls have hired, uh… Vinny del Negro?  Seems weird, but… okay.  Perhaps they needed someone to bridge the racial divide on the team; del Negro, after all, is a white man whose name means "of the Negros."

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