Shaq Lost It During An All-Time Charles Barkley Rant About Sending The Pelicans To Galveston Instead Of Cancun

The New Orleans Pelicans have not performed well in the last two games of their series against the top-seeded Oklahoma City Thunder, losing Games 2 and 3 by a combined 53 points. While it’s not surprising to see the Thunder up 3-0, after Game 1 was such an incredible back-and-forth affair, there was hope that New Orleans would make things interesting and compete with OKC.

Instead, they’ve been outclassed the last two games and seem overwhelmed by the Thunder on both ends of the floor. Their effort in the second half back home in Game 3 was particularly weak, as they never mounted anything approaching a comeback after the Thunder opened up a 20-point lead. The body language during OKC’s run was so bad that even Kevin Harlan on the broadcast called it out, and after the game the fellas were disgusted on the Inside the NBA desk.

Shaq noted his disappointment and then Charles Barkley had the big fella doubled over in laughter as he ranted about how the Pelicans don’t even deserve plane tickets to Cancun. Instead, he said New Orleans should drive down to Galveston, roasting the Texas beach town for its “dirty water.”

There are few things better than when Chuck gets on a roll roasting a town and causes a laughing fit by Shaq. Usually it’s San Antonio that’s the Texas town that ends up in Barkley’s crosshairs, but this time he decided to tee off on Galveston and had Shaq howling on the other end of the desk.