09.24.07 10 years ago 11 Comments

Dennis Rodman had a fun Sunday, parking his Hummer in a handicapped space and sexually battering passersby at an Orange County bar.

TMZ has learned the Orange County Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident, which allegedly took place at Hennessy's Tavern in Dana Point, near Laguna Beach. One source says the ex-basketball star allegedly slapped the woman's rear so hard, it left a "major mark."

So wait, the source saw the woman's bare ass?  Was she showing it off after getting slapped? "Hey, everyone!  I just got sexually battered!  Call the police!  And look at the mark on my ass!"

The handicapped parking space I can understand, though.  Hennessy's is just a few blocks from the beach, and parking is a real bitch.


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