Don’t Step to Hardcore Sitters, Y’all

10.18.06 11 years ago 2 Comments

Aaron Fotheringham has spinal bifida, is 14 years old, and he takes his wheelchair to the skate park. For real. It's called "hardcore sitting" — seems a bit oxymoronic, but when you see the video you'll understand that it's merely moronic.

This may be hard to believe, but I actually don't make jokes about paralyzed people. That kind of shit will guarantee that you'll get hit by a bus, or have retarded children, or get reassigned to Kansas. No, I actually have to tip my cap to Aaron. If I were in a wheelchair I wouldn't be doing gnarly tricks. I'd be on Day 3,972 of feeling sorry for myself and trying to score heroin. Wait, I'm doing that anyway.

There's more video that shows Aaron landing his backflip here. Bonus: idiotically schmaltzy ending where Aaron shows a younger wheelchair-bound boy some tricks, then they wheel away from the camera together. I can't wait for the TV movie! 

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