Empire State Of Meat

07.20.10 7 years ago

With Leather’s very own PUNTE kindly suggests what beer you should drink this summer, and I’m inclined to agree with him. [Uproxx Summer Buyer’s Guide]

Danger Guerrero’s  pick for the podcast you should be listening to this summer. [Uproxx Summer Buyer’s Guide]

An open letter to Adrian Brody. What did become of him? [Uproxx]

Portable N64? /Drools [Gamma Squad]

Paris Hilton possessing drugs while topless? Surley you jest, sir. [WWTDD]

Who doesn’t like hottie rankings? [Bleacher Report]

Nine reasons why being a woman is easier than being a man. [Guyism]

A Dora the Explorer and Inception mash up. [Next Round]

Testing bullet proof glass in the 1950s. [Uncoached]

The favorite movies of dictators. In case you ever encounter an awkward silence with Castro. [Inside Movies]

The biggest box office flops that Hollywood hyped at Comic Con. [Fark]

A porcupine who thinks it’s a puppy. You’re daily dose of aww. [College Humor]

Martial artist performs Street Fighter moves, then realizes he wasted his talent. [Dorkly]

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