03.23.08 10 years ago

Exciting news! Penn State is offering a class about Joe Paterno:

Penn State, the university that Paterno has called home for decades, will start a class this fall examining the famed football coach's relationship with the media, as well as his role in general as a communicator . . . For instance, weekly in-season news conferences once meant Paterno talking with six reporters around a table, no microphone or TV camera in sight. Paterno once knew everyone's name on the beat, [senior journalism lecturer, Mike] Poorman said.

To be fair, the table was made of granite and there were no microphones or TV cameras because they wouldn't be invented for centuries.

Paterno's son and quarterbacks coach, Jay Paterno, said Thursday night his father's initial reaction was "What would they want to possibly do a course about me for?"

Uh, cause you've been coaching from the invention of papyrus to the development of the internet. I keed, I keed. You're doing a great job Joe, and you're living proof that it's not important how old you are on parchment, it's how old you feel in the humours. -KD 

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