Firefighters are the Real Heroes

10.16.06 11 years ago

A Pittsburgh firefighter named Martin Sanders allegedly exposed himself at the Steelers game yesterday, then attacked security guards and policemen who tried to escort him from the premises. No, really.

A stadium employee who was escorting him off the premises was the first to be assaulted, police said. The employee was kicked in the groin as Mr. Sanders tried to flee. As he struggled to get away, police said, Mr. Sanders struck a security guard. Moments later, off-duty police officers working extra security patrols for the football game intervened in another scuffle involving the suspect. A manager of security at Heinz Field was asking Mr. Sanders for identification when the suspect struck the man. Before he was placed in handcuffs, he kicked another policeman in the knee and hurled profanities at him and other officers, police said. While in the restraints, Mr. Sanders tried to head-butt another policeman, the same officer who had been kicked in the knee.

To be fair, the Steelers were having an awesome game. There hadn't been a reason for the fans to expose themselves over the last month.

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