Free Draftstreet Fantasy Baseball: You Can’t Be Worse Than Me

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With our skank powers combined...

About 10 years ago I started a fantasy baseball league with some friends, and this year I finally joined it again after not playing for four years because I’m f*cking terrible at fantasy baseball. I’m currently in second place now that I’ve figured out basic roto rules for the first time in my life, but this whole Draftstreet thing that we’ve been pushing is a completely different devil. And I’m in love with it, so you all should sign up for our free league, too.

Unlike Brandon, though, I won’t admit where I finished the last time around – let’s just say that I was competing for the opposite end of the standings. But I’ve spent all day emailing friends while cursing Otis Smith over Orlando Magic trade rumors and swearing that I could run a franchise better than him, and thankfully this Draftstreet league keeps me grounded and reminds me that I’m a moron. But now the stakes are raised, amigos. We’ve got the whole Uproxx secret mansion wired up for this league and we’re going to be talking plenty of trash to each other. Like just this morning I emailed Vince from FilmDrunk and I was all like, “Hey bro, you suck” and he was like, “No way, bro. You.” I know, sh*t’s already intense.

Oh, I guess I should mention the main reason that you should sign up, in case you’ve missed Brandon’s posts about this awesome opportunity. You can win $300 if you win our league. It costs nothing to join, just takes a few minutes to fill out your roster (or 47 minutes if you’re like me and you start analyzing statistical-value-compared-to-price GRRRRRRR I FAILED COLLEGE ALGEBRA THREE TIMES!!!) and all you have to do is make sure none of your guys are dead before the games begin. It’s easy. Like your sister. Yes, that’s a burn and that’s about all I’ll win this time, too. SIGN UP HERE NOW so Brandon will stop teabagging me during our Uproxx slumber parties.

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