12.26.09 8 years ago

In the wake of being sent home from practice because he was tardy for the party, ‘Skins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is putting his squad on blast.  More specifically, his sights are set on coordinator Greg Blache whose scheme doesn’t allow him to bring the ruckus with the rush as he did in his tenure with the Titans.

“They don’t want to take input. They don’t,” Haynesworth said. “[Blache] . . . doesn’t want to change. I mean, I’m watching film, it’s like, ‘Dude, this day and age, you get killed the way that we’re running stuff.’ And we’ve got way more talent [than the Titans].–Washingtonpost.com

And good ol’ Albie isn’t the first one to gripe about Blache.  Though he’s regarded as one of the NFL’s “top defensive minds”, less media-friendly teammates are supposedly whispering like school girls in the locker room as well.  In addition, now-Dolphin Jason Taylor wasn’t exactly Blache’s BFF in his 2008 season (and only season) with Washington either.

The numbers don’t lie: heading into Sunday night’s game at 4-10, something is clearly lacking in their gameplan.  Since their defense doesn’t even crack the top 10, the 350-pound DT’s squawkings just may hold some weight.  Haynesworth feels that his tardiness was punished because “they’re all against [him] or whatever,” but really, I think they all just need to hug it out.  With maybe a little reach around.

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