Gronk Is Begging You To Curse Him, Bro

New England Patriots tight end slash adult film industry philanderer slash teenage dunk master Rob Gronkowski is harnessing the power of social media (and obnoxious-for-pay viral videos) to compel his fan base to rock the ESPN’s SportsNation vote and get him on the cover of ‘Madden 13’.

His plan includes:

– Doing bicep curls with a crutch

– Making aggressive animal noises into his friend’s stomach

Tons and tons of Zubaz pants

– Just getting jacked at all times

– Going crazy

– Inviting you to check out his brothers, who cannot stop exercising on the floor of Gronk’s house even when he’s injured.

– Putting on sunglasses without using his hands

– Getting hyped

– Getting Gronked

Sounds solid, bro. I want to see a follow-up video where instead of asking fans to vote for him, Peyton Hillis tells his bros that he’s not feeling well, and he’s probably just gonna go take a nap.


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