Whaddya mean I’m probably the thousandth dweeb to use that tired old reference on the tubes since Rio was chosen as the site for the 2016 Olympics? Most of you young whippersnappers probably don’t even know who Duran Duran is, let alone have any knowledge of their sonic stylings from the 1980s. For instance, did you know that Duran Duran continues to be the preeminent band that uses the same word twice in their name? That’s right. Screw those Tora Tora and Talk Talk dorks. And what in the hell can the Yeah Yeah Yeahs be thinking? Duran Duran is where it’s at, my friends.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I thought for the first day of my second weekend keeping watch over With Leather, I would ease into the day like an old man into a nice warm bath. Nothing too thought-provoking, nothing too serious. Don’t worry, my dissertation regarding the BCS and its role in our country’s GNP will be coming later – stay tuned.

Moving on, apparently as Americans, we are supposed to feel discouraged and heartbroken about Chicago losing out on their Olympic bid. I’m sorry, but that is completely xenophobic and short-sighted. The Olympics are supposed to be a celebration of every nation’s inclusion in the global community, so instead of moping around feeling sorry for ourselves, how about we give Rio (and by extension, Brazil) their due credit and recognize the amazing country that Brazil is and all of the wonderful things the nation has contributed to the world?

For instance, did you know that Rio de Janeiro means “Rio of Janeiro” in Portuguese? Interesting, huh?

Enjoy the photos (and more!) after the jump.

What? Did you think I was going to discuss Brazil’s contributions to the arts and sciences? Get real. I may not know much, but I know my audience.

That’s why I have also included this *bonus* video from a photo shoot of the fetching Brazilian model Josie Zilli.


Wow. Good morning, indeed. The soundtrack they used for the photo shoot really ties everything together nicely. And the Duran Duran? Well, that was just for me.

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