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We love chicks that love football. And Carol Walden of Cedar Rapids loves football, so much so that she sat through the second half of last Saturday’s Iowa-Wisconsin game with a broken hip. Brian Urlacher must feel like such a pussy right now.

“I was hurrying back because halftime was over and I slipped in the kitchen and fell flat on my left side,” said Carol Walden.

The 71-year old woman is life-long Hawkeye fan. So dedicated, that even a trip to the hospital for a broken hip wouldn’t get in the way on Saturday.

“The doctor said you better get into the hospital and I said ok. My husband said well let’s go and I said no I have to see the Hawkeyes win,” said Walden. –KCRG, via Buster Sports

That’s a tough broad right there. Walden even insisted that her husband, Don Walden, drive her to the hospital so that she could listen to the post-game show in the car. Don, my man. I hope you realize how good you have it, sir. Video’s after the jump for your viewing pleasure.

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