01.30.09 9 years ago 11 Comments

Pittsburgh sports blog Mondesi’s House is pretty much unreadable with excitement for the Super Bowl right now, but credit where it’s due: the Terrible ShamWow! arrived at the intersection of sports fandom and pop culture with pretty impeccable timing.  (Don’t worry Arizona fans, there’s a theoretical Cardinals ShamWow! as well.)  Fortunately for society, the one pictured here is one of only two in existence, so Steelers fans are still going to need five, ten, EVEN TWELVE Terrible Towels to clean up spilled Iron City beer!!!

Elsewhere in Steeler fan news, another 12,000 new Steeler fan songs have been uploaded to YouTube in the last 15 minutes.  And Chris Mottram of The Sporting Blog continues to do the Lord’s work in Tampa as he analyzes the stereotypical Steelers fan.  My God, I can’t believe that’s an actual person.  Makes you wonder if giving every citizen the right to vote is a good idea.

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