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A Serie C (minor league) soccer player is claiming that he is regularly paid for sex with several players at the national team-level and in Italy’s Serie A.  Raise your hand if you’re surprised.  Yeah, me neither.  From the Daily Mail:

A player named only as ‘Victory’ claims he has been the lover of 12 well-known top flight stars… ‘I charge 1500 euros (£1300) and the players pay up no problem… They just want to relax and they don’t have any problems kissing me on the mouth. But they are all terrified of being found out…

‘I have about 30 clients who are footballers and I would say that a dozen are Serie A and national team players – several times I have been asked to take part in group sex sessions…

‘Players from the same team and my friends and it is always just for sex. They all know I am a footballer as well but they like me because I am discreet.’

Oh yeah.  He’s very discreet.  Why, when he tells the whole world that he’s sleeping with a bunch of high-profile soccer players in Serie A, he doesn’t even name names.  Such restraint.

In all seriousness, and speaking as a soccer fan, Italian soccer gives homosexuality a bad name.  I’d rather watch gay sex than a Serie A game.  Wait.  Uh, I think I probably could have phrased that better.

[Deuce of Davenport]

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