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Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens are waging a training camp battle to win the starting quarterback job for the New York Jets.  After one practice, Chad and his magical noodle arm are in the lead, for no other reason than he knows how to call a coin flip

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer flipped a coin Monday and asked Chad Pennington to call it in the air. The winner would earn the right to work with the first-team offense on the opening day of organized team activities.

“Chad called heads and I thought I had a good chance because I’m a guy that generally calls tails,” Kellen Clemens said Thursday after the Jets’ third OTA session, but first open to the media. “It was heads all the way.”

Hey, that worked out well for Cleveland last year. Sure, the evil coin of doom told them to go with Charlie Frye. But it only cost them one loss before they found their quarterback of the future in Derek Anderson.

Didn't Clemens go through the trouble of getting his kid blessed by the pope last month? Lotta good sucking up to the big guy did for you, buddy. I mean, you're already on the Jets. You'd had to already know you weren't dealing with a benevolent creator.

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