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Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain (pictured here with Aubrey O’Day for no particular reason) was busted for drinking and driving after leaving a strip club this past weekend, and now we get delicious details of his big night out in his home state of Nebraska, where a fellow strip club patron taunted him for the Yankees’ failure to make it to the playoffs.

“Too bad you didn’t play for the Red Sox,” the customer said, according to another patron at the club. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sitting here in a strip club in Nebraska.” […]

A furious Chamberlain left, and moments later, cops nabbed him for allegedly speeding in his 2006 BMW 750i. They hauled him off to a detox center after they smelled alcohol on his breath and saw an open container of alcohol on the passenger seat.

Authorities said Chamberlain, who submitted to a Breathalyzer test at the scene, had a blood-alcohol content of .134 at the time of his arrest, nearly double Nebraska’s legal limit of .08.

Why does the media always have to take such liberties with math?  Thirteen isn’t “nearly double” eight.  They always blow stuff  out of proportion like that.  Like how they said I was twice the age of those high school girls.  What a bunch of crap.  I was 29 at the time, and they totally had their learner’s permits.

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